Standards of Excellence

 Commitment to High Standards of Safety: At SafeZone there is ultimately no higher priority than the health and safety of our personnel, the personnel of the company we are hired to protect, and the safety of drivers and passengers in the traffic we are controlling. Thankfully our only two OSHA 300 reports are free of incidents involving any kind of injury or death for any of our personnel, the personnel we protect, or motorist, we direct. SafeZone would be happy to meet with any company in advance, and at any time to assure all of our safety plans adhere to their protocols.  All of our personnel are well versed in our safety plan and have signed that they read and understand the plan.  Safety is always a topic of main discussion during training.  Safety is observed by our personnel beginning the minute they arrived to pick up a traffic control unit.  Vehicles are inspected daily to ensure safe operation.  Our drivers proceed with caution to arrive safely at every job site with due regard for all traffic they encounter.  Upon arrival, our personnel check in with the site supervisor, they will be protecting to make sure all parties are aware of what is expected.  Our personnel and ensure safety is observed while flagging by using two-way radios, Eye contact, and verbal communication with motorists and each other.

Safe zone LLC is your fully insured.

SAFEZONE Qualifications:
Well-trained personnel
  We have one certified ATSSA Trainer to provide our personnel with regular on going inservice training approved by ATSSA.
we have three certified ATSSA supervisor's to perform worksite inspections and assist our personnel with problem solving.  Our supervisors will also be available to field questions regarding  the MUTCD manual.
We have 22 personnel who are currently certified as an ATSSA flaggers.
We have nine police officers post certified able to serve as police officers or flaggers.  Our officers have been trained in hazardous materials and first aid.
We employee 10 professional firefighters who are trained in hazardous materials and are either emergency medical technicians or medical first responders.

SafeZone LLC 
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